Image by Guillaume de Germain

ActionAble empowers and inspires individuals to align their values with how they act, having a positive impact on people, communities and the environment


What We Do

ActionAble is about getting people able for action.  


We believe that what the world needs is ‘people who have come alive’, and that people come alive when they find their purpose in making an impact on the world around them. What is good for us as individuals - is good for our communities - is good for our planet. 


Our purpose is to help remove the barriers between you and taking action, making taking action more accessible, fun, meaningful and relevant to who you are. We want to create a movement of action takers, sustained by their own intrinsic motivation, acting as ambassadors to inspire others in turn.


Whether what you need is inspiration, information, support, community or anything else, ActionAble is here for you.


What We Believe

Injustices exist but we all have the potential to take positive action and address these problems. However, in an overwhelming world, we sometimes lack the knowledge, motivation, and/or opportunity to do so. As a result, we do not meet our full potential as inidividuals and citizens and the world's problems continue.


By starting to take real action (no matter how small) and forming communities during our events, we believe we can tilt the dial from engaged and inspired individual to regular action-taker and difference-maker, allowing people to create more just and healthier social and environmental systems. We really do believe starting with small actions  can lead to a long-term, action-orientated mindset for people going forwards. 


Inspiration is great. Action is better. 


Who We Are

ActionAble was set up by a group of like-minded and purpose-led people who all believe that we as individuals have the power to form communities which take action to address the social and environmental problems the world faces.


We were all participants on the On Purpose Associate programme, a leadership programme for people who believe in purpose before profit and trying to create a truly equitable and sustainable world for all.