The Activator Learning Journey

A course to help you be the change you want to see in the world.

Understand yourself, the opportunities, and your ‘place’ better.

Start taking action and learn techniques to help sustain it.

Be inspired and supported by a community of action-takers.

Find out how to amplify your impact and in turn inspire others too!

Identify what’s right for you and make your ‘purpose’ plan.

"Don't worry what the world needs. Ask what makes you  come alive and do that, because what the world needs is  people who have come alive." 

Howard Thurman

Learn how you can have the impact you want in the world, using what you’ve got, where you are and what you care about

Be part of our first ever cohort of Activators - a new kind of change-maker. 


As the world grows more complex and its challenges become more daunting, from climate change to structural inequalities to global pandemics, more of us than ever feel the call to act. Simultaneously, the old structures of meaning are breaking down: we strive for a meaning and purpose in our lives beyond simply taking care of our own financial and material needs. 


The Activator Programme takes you on a journey of realising your place in this new world. One where you are an active, necessary participant in shaping it. One where you can create the impact you want, find meaning, joy and fun, and embody the version of yourself you want to be.

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March 1st (Week 0) - April 5th (Week 5)

Duration: Welcome Week 0, followed by 5 content sessions

Where the Activator Learning Journey will take you

  • Get clear on your values, skills, passions and motivations, explore the difference you really want to make and how you really want to show up in the world

  • Connect with other like-minded aspirational action-takers taking the journey with you, finding support, inspiration and a community

  • Learn about the different forms of impact available to all of us and how you can make a difference in yours and others lives from where you are now

  • Become an empowered, purposeful action-taker who feels confident in bringing about the change you want to see

What to expect 

  • You’ll learn to set and work towards your goals, using peer coaching skills to support and be supported by your designated ‘accountabilibuddies’ from your cohort

  • You’ll develop new, positive habits and a self-care toolkit to keep you motivated and energised throughout the journey and over a lifetime of impact

  • You’ll get access to our extensive extensive network of changemakers and impact professionals so you can build your own impact network

  • You’ll hear from inspirational Activators, sharing how they overcame the barriers to making a difference in their own lives and how you can do the same

By the end of the journey:

  • You will feel empowered to take action on the things you care about, shaping the world and embodying the self you want to see.

Ultimately, we believe that you hold the answers to unlocking the type of world you want to see. We want to empower you to realise that. What we offer is a container and community for you to do so.

How it works

  • Five live two-hour workshops, where you’ll connect with your cohort and move towards the impact you want to have

  • Optional cohort check-in slots, where you’ll reflect on what’s working for you and you'll get support from the session leaders

  • Weekly ‘impact’ challenges, from new habits you can build to actions you can take in your community

Because it is a Learning Journey, as opposed to a programme, this is about providing a container for you which meets and adapts to your needs as they come up. Where possible, we will aim to provide sessions that are relevant to our participants’ requirements as they emerge.


£129.00 for the full learning journey


  • Ten hours of group sessions with interactive workshop content

  • Additional hours of support and community building

  • Access to our extensive impact network

  • Talks from inspirational Activators

  • Support from the session leaders, Nicky and Ronan

Is the Activator Learning Journey right for me?

The learning journey is a good fit if:

  • You are searching for more meaning, connection and enjoyment in your life

  • You want to make a difference in the world and feel this should be fun and fulfilling

  • You are looking for support in bringing an impact idea into reality

  • You want to make a difference but impact feels inaccessible and distant to you

  • You want to connect to an inspirational, supportive community

It might not be for you if:

  • You are looking for a career change (though it will help you get clear on what you care about)

  • You want to be told which impact area you should focus on: this is about you exploring your own answers