The Event

We all need money to pay our bills and for our lifestyles. But, if we are conscious about where we save and invest it, our money can also restore natural environments, fund community projects and help create a fairer society without us losing out at all.


After we heard our speakers talk about how we can be more ethical with our money and what some of the challenges of the current financial system are, our attendees split into roundtable discussions to learn more about (and commit to) ethical pensions, ethical savings, ethical investments and financial activism.


Our Speakers

We were joined by:  


  • Ed Siegel from Charity Bank, an ethical savings and loans bank 

  • Naomi Alexander Naidoo from The Finance Innovation Lab, an organisation building communities who are creating a better financial system

  • Mary Stevens from Friends of the Earth who have launched the #Ownit initiative which supports women creating change with their money

  • Michael Kind from ShareAction, a charity building the movement for responsible investment



Our attendees had an opportunity to learn about how to create an impact with their finances, with 65% of attendees committing to raise awareness about the issue, make a change or hold their own "mini ActionAble" event. 

The average score for how likely attendees would take ethical considerations in relation to their finances (out of 10) increased from 6.7 before the event to 8.7 afterwards.


Action is Better

Start small:

Research, research, research:

  • What ethical options does your bank offer

  • Have a look at the annual pensions ranking list on ShareAction's website to assess your pension 

Create some noise and/or a movement:

  • Mobilise support among your coworkers to improve the ethics of your pension funds

  • Signing a petition (eg. Avaaz have thousands of campaigns)

  • Joining a movement, such as 350 and Extinction Rebellion

Check out some more resources here